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Fever Screening Thermal Solution for COVID-19



Tecpharma bring Biomedical, Biopharma and Lifesciences equipments from reputed manufacturers across the globe.  CF320 and CF640 high accuracy cameras from COX, Korea one of reputed company in fever scanning camera technologies would be a right solution for schools, airports and other public places.

Advanced Fever Scanning Technology


COX has been developing and distributing non cooled thermal cameras since 2010.


 COX have installed a great number of fever screening thermal cameras in Seoul and several other cities, Korea, since the Corona outbreak in the beginning of 2020.

Based many years of accumulated technology and knowledge of field applications, COX has launched CF320 an CF640, a high accuracy fever screening camera that includes visible camera which let you know who have fevers, black body for constant self-calibration for high accuracy in measurement, and face detection.

CG 320 Fever Scanning Camera With Alarms

CG 320 Fever Scanning Camera in EverySchool at Seoul, South Korea.

Video of President Mr.Moon, visiting one of the school. 


CF320 & CF640 High accuracy fever screening cameras


In the COX system, both the thermal camera and visible camera automatically detects the blackbody located in the corner of the image, making it easy to install and use, and when the blackbody is not visible in the image, an alarm occurs to prevent it from being used continuously with incorrect accuracy.

How COX CF320 & CF640 differs from other fever screening cameras?


COX Fever Detection  in South Korea


Comparison of temperature measurement methods

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